Heidi, came to see me about her wedding gown in February 2018, just a few short months before her wedding date in August of the same year. She had come on the recommendation of a friend whose bridal party I had worked on the previous year. As good friends always know how to help one another she had brought Heidi to our studio in search of something special and unique. Heidi’s event was to take place in Ugasan, Bali among the exotic scenery of the luxury resort. The brief from Heidi and her bestie was” party, fun and a drop-dead gorgeous style to show off Heidi’s athletic physique”.  For inspiration we were drawn to Versace’s use of drapes and buckles  contouring the figure, volumes of skirts and slashed splits to the waist, epitomising sexiness and powerful women. 

Heidi was no shrinking violet; she had a powerful physique and a smile bigger than Texas. I knew she could pull it off. 

And that is the trick really, one of my favourites in fact, having the ability to zone in to my client’s vibe, and see them as they want to be seen…bring their dreams into reality, interpreting a mood through cloth, silhouette and colour .

Deborah Selleck Couture Ode to Versaci.png

I set to work reinventing the colour palette to match the event and location opting for dusty pinks and sparkling sequins. And then I realised I could make this even more appealing by for Heidi by taking into account the humidity of the location and splitting the design into separate co-ordinates rather than one heavy gown.

The result: a stretch sequin body suit and a duchess silk full circle skirt with separate draped waist and bodice sashes cinching the torso with buckles. And the thigh high split? That was the ventilation