Who has not looked at pictures of Japan and Japanese kimono clad women and sighed with wonder?  Japanese aesthetics are so distilled in their elements of lineal design as to appear disarmingly simple and at the same time complete. The many layers of the kimono conceal and yet reveal the figure with the focal point of the Obi which is the large sash around the torso. Following the same trajectory, I focused on the one element that was both sculptural and evocative; the Obi was to become a folded Bow expanded to become the architecture that supported our statement: Simplicity and structural integrity.

The off the shoulder gown has an internal structure that is unseen, the bow is folded Origami style to hold a 3-dimensional shape before cascading into draped tails down the back. Made to measure for our client Saranda this design is timeless and elegant and one of minimalist favourites.