Frequently Asked Questions


When should you start looking for your wedding dress?

The best time to start looking for your wedding gown is twelve to eighteen months from your wedding.

When is the perfect time to buy?

We suggest booking your gown at least six months from your wedding date.

Can you do rush orders?

Yes, we are able to accomodate rush orders. If your wedding is under four months away and you would like to order a gown, please contact us.


What sizes do your dresses come in?

Our styles are available in an extended size range and made-to-measure.

What if I am in between sizes?

When ordering online if you are in between sizes it is best to choose the size each measurement fits into. You can then have the gown altered by your dressmaker. Alternatively you can choose to use our couture process.

Will I need alterations?

All standard size gowns will require alterations. This could be from minor: hem, hand loop, bustle to major alterations: reconstructing bodice, take in at side seam, take in through centre back etc. Major alterations will also be determined by the bride depending on how many amendments they wish to make to the gown visually.

What does a fitting involve and how much does it cost?

Our alteration cost is $120 per hour including the fitting to see what is to be altered. We advise brides to budget $1000 and that we cannot specify a number of hours alterations could take as this can only be determined once everything is pinned and agreed on by the client and dressmaker.

How do I decide what size to order?

Please refer to our size chart.

Do I need to make an appointment to view your gowns?

If you would like to try gowns from Deborah Selleck Couture you will need to make an appointment for a private consultation.

What is the price range of your gowns?

Ready-to-wear styles are priced between $3000-$5000. They are made in Australian standard sizes and can be ordered through our ecommerce shop.

Customised service
If you wanted a customised experience, we offer made-to-measure service with 2-4 fittings to ensure your gown fits you perfectly. You will be able to customise your gown to suit your style, this may involve adding sleeves, changing fabric or changing neck/backlines. These gowns range from $5,000 – $7,000.

We also offer a bespoke design service, where you will work closely with Deborah & her design team to create & design a truly one of a kind design. Fabrics are sourced for you and trims and embroideries developed uniquely for you, creating a truly unique dress made especially for you. This service starts at $7000.

How long does it take to make a dress?

Ready-to-wear orders will be completed 4 weeks before the wedding date unless it is a rush order and shipped to you.

Customised and bespoke designs go through a process of 3- 4 fittings and are completed a week before the wedding date and either shipped to you or picked up by you instore.

Where are your gowns made?

Elements of the process are completed all over the world including fabrics from France, Italy and Japan. We also work closely with india to produce bespoke designed beaded fabrics. Every gown design is developed in Melbourne, Australia by designer Deborah Selleck. Unique embellishments within the collection are developed by Deborah and her team. The design team has good relationships with all their suppliers to ensure each garment and all products are made ethically and to the highest quality. All garments are hand finished and quality checked in our Melbourne studio.

After the wedding we will recommend a specialist bridal dry cleaner Ferrari Dry Cleaners who offer a pick up service. There is a care label in each gown that states our recommendation of how the gown is to be cleaned.