Design Process

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The first consultation opens with a sharing of ideas and dreams. Through creative discussion we endeavour to find the essence of what makes each client feel authentic, alive and beautiful.

With a keen eye on fashion trends and expertise in creating the perfect silhouette for each body, Deborah takes great joy in co-creating and developing the themes that will form the framework for a unique design. 

In choosing quality fabrics, laces and embellishments the design comes to life with focus on perfect fit and wearability.

Made to measure and one of a kind designs are available as well as made to order gowns from our latest collection.

A made to measure gown is a gown that is designed exclusively for you. Design ideas and requirements are discussed, fabrics and embellishments chosen, measurements taken. A calico toile of the design is made and fitted to the client for perfect fit.

A made to order gown is chosen from our latest collection. The design is made to a set range of measurements and colour options and requires only one fitting.

So whether you would love the process of having something uniquely designed for you or you are enchanted with the existing designs in our range we are ready to guide you.

Please read the contract for further detail.